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 John Charles (Hyptis Verticillata)


A Collection of Jamaican Herbal Teas


Achiote Tree – Annatto Spice


Allman Strength Jolt of Strength From Jamaica


Anamu Guinea Henweed/ Guinea Hen Weed


Annona reticulata, Custard Apple Bark


Blood Wiss – Vitis Tiliifolia


Casia Alata – King of the Forest


CASTOR OIL Seeds (RicinusCommunis)


Cerasee – Bitter Melon


Chanca Piedra Organic Herb (phyllanthus niruri) Kidney Stone Breaker


Crush Pimento Leaves


Dog blood bush (Rivina humilis)


Dried Breadfruit Leaves (Artocarpus Altilis)


Dried Cinnamon Leaves and stick, Health Benefits of Cinnamon

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