Anyone who is desirous of being in good health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle should incorporate the use of herbs in their daily lives. For people who engage in strenuous activity such as athletes and body-builders are the perfect complements.
Children and babies need herbs too and should not be left out. Parents and guardians should ensure that their children enjoy the many benefits of herbal use.


o Immediately stop taking any herb if unusual symptoms develop.
o Consult your health care provider concerning the use of herbs in pregnancy or with infants.
o Some herbs, in large doses, may upset stomach or loosen the stool.
o Driving and potentially dangerous activity is discouraged when utilizing sedative herbs.
o Long term use of diuretics without monitoring may be dangerous.
oMany herbs work faster on an empty stomach, but if they produce nausea, they should be taken with a light meal.
o Combining herbs may increase or change the expected action of each individually.
o Herbs are not generally recommended as first aid, emergency- type medicines.
o Chronic, severe or worsening symptoms should be evaluated by licensed health care provider.


Herbal quality cannot be over emphasized. It is critical to effective herbal therapy that the proper plants are picked in the proper season and used fresh. High quality herbs will retain all in the characteristics of the whole herb: aroma, colour, taste and effect.
Whenever possible the plants used should be organically grown or locally abundant herbs can be specifically wildcrafted to avoid contamination. Many commercially available bulk herbs contain residues from agricultural chemicals, fumigation and irradiation.
Organic cultivation allows the manufacturer of herbal extracts to maintain access to high quality botanical ingredients. A recent advance in herb technology and research (fresh freeze-drying) allows maintenance of the natural potency of the herbs by preserving most of the biologically active constituents of the fresh plant. In many instances, improved or unique therapeutic action has resulted from the fresh freeze-drying process.


There are several facts about herbs that are beneficial for one to know.
a) Herbs feed, regulate and cleanse the body naturally.
b) Herbs will not build up in the body or produce harmful side effects like synthetic drugs.
c) Herbs were actually created to root out the cause of disease.
Herbs may be used singularly or in a combination. These combinations are herb food formulas composed of two or more herbs to aid a certain system. An herbal combination is chosen to address the entire complaint of an individual. The herbs that best address their particular symptoms are chosen over similar plants.
Several plants or their extracts can work together in a balanced fashion.
What one herb lacks another can provide, so that the combined action improves what can be accomplished by a single herb. Some herbs in the combination would help relieve the symptoms while others act to correct the cause of the symptoms.



Credit: LMH Dictionary of Jamaican Herbs

L. mike Henry/k.Sean Harris



NOTE: We highly recommend that before using any herbal medications you should consult your health care provider or medical doctor for professional advice.

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