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Common Sage (Salvia officinalis )

Common sage, also known as culinary sage or garden sage, is an aromatic, perennial shrub in the Lamiaceae family. The word sage means “wise” while its scientific name, salvia, means “salvation”. There are a multitude of uses for sage including culinary, medicinal, craft and ornamental. Both the flowers and the leaves of the sage plant can be used for herbal purposes. Although sage is most commonly used as a culinary herb, the leaves are rich in antioxidant compounds such ellagic acid and rosmarinic acid. In addition, sage tea possesses antiseptic qualities good for sore throats, aid in digestion, and may boost insulin action.

Benefits of Common Sage

Common sage has a multitude of uses that have been developed and discovered over the course of centuries. Typically, common sage has been used to treat swelling, bleeding, ulcers and sprains. In addition, sage can be used to treat coughs and sore throat.

Other uses of common sage include treating eczema, gingivitis and dandruff. Sage contains antioxidant properties that make it great in controlling excessive perspiration and salivation

How to use common sage

To make sage tea, add one tablespoon of dried sage leaves to a mug. Fill the mug with almost-boiling water. Cover and let it steep for 5 minutes. Afterwards, strain the tea to remove the leaves.


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Common Sage

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