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Blue Porterweed (blossoms purple Flowers ) grown in Jamaica and is used to treat wounds, boils and burns, Inflammation, digestion, respiratory conditions, hypertension and bacterial infections.

Other common name include: blue snake weed, bastard vervain, Brazilian tea, Jamaica vervain, and light-blue snakeweed.

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The blue porter weed is a perineal flowering plant that has a subtle beauty. It is native to tropical south east and for quite a long time it was considered a weed. Currently a lot people cultivate it for different purposes medicine being the major reason. The blue porter weed grows to a height of 4 feet and it has attractive crinkled and toothed leaves. Its blue flowers, borne terminally at the end of the stems are rich in nectar, and attractive to butterflies.

Medicinal uses of the porter weed

  1. Treatment and prevention of bacterial infections

A lot of people suffer from different types of bacterial infections daily. If looking for a natural remedy, then search no further because the porter weed will sure grant you an ultimate solution. The crude concertation from the extracts of the leaves of the porter weed have exhibited a good antimicrobial activity against Escherichia coli, bacillus subtillis, staph aureus, proteus vulgaris, proteus mirabilis and klebsiella.

  1. Treatment of hypertension

High blood pressure is a very common disorder affecting millions of people across the globe. If left untreated high blood pressure leads to a number of life threating conditions like stroke, heart failure and even renal failure. The tea from the porter weed has shown a great activity in the reduction of high blood pressure in individual with elevated pressures. However, it should not be used by those with hypotension since it may further lower their blood pressures.

  1. Treatment of respiratory conditions

Upper respiratory tract infections are very common among children and adults and there is no doubt that everyone is always peeved up by the symptoms. The tannins and flavonoids from the porter weed are bronchodilators and this helps in improving the symptoms of colds, flu, whooping cough and asthma. In cases of bacterial infections, the tea from the porter weed helps in killing the bacteria thereby curing the infection.

  1. Improves digestion

There are moments when we suffer indigestion and at these moments we are always desperate for faster relief. If you frequently suffer from indigestions, then consider taking the porter weed to help you improve on your digestion. It also helps in reducing the gastric acidity which causes heartburns and ulcers.

  1. Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is a chemical process in that body to any injurious stimuli in that leads to pain. There are a lot of diseases that also come as a result of inflammation. If looking for a natural remedy, then the porter weed would offer you lasting solutions. The porter weed flavonoids and tannins from the leaves and roots of the porter weed have demonstrated an anti-inflammatory activity that help in relieving inflammation and pain.

  1. Treatment of wounds, boils and burns

If looking for a natural remedy in wound healing, then try out the porter weed. The phytochemicals from the porter weed helps in speeding the healing of wounds. Its antimicrobial activity prevents the infection of wounds by bacteria which slows down healing.



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