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Clary sage, which is also known as “Salvia sclarea” is a type of flowering herb that’s mostly found in the Mediterranean Basin. It is easy to cultivate in high-temperature areas and is mostly grown to be used as a flavouring in tea. People also call it names like ‘eye bright’ and ‘clear eye’ due to its traditional use as a cure for eye problems.

The clary sage plant usually grows to a height of 1 meter, though the range varies with different cultivars. Its leaves, which are green-grey in colour, are quite broad. They grow in pairs on the brownish stems of the plant. They are oval in shape and have a wrinkled-like texture and rough edges.

The clary sage plant has a distinctive smell. Some people suggest that it smells like lavender while others think it has the aroma of the pineapple. However, the distinctive smell of the plant can be attributed to the presence of active constituents in it.


Culinary Uses Of Clary Sage Leaves

The clary sage plant is a great culinary herb. Its leaves contain several antioxidant compounds, including ellagic acid (found in strawberries, raspberries, and walnuts) and rosmarinic acid (found in rosemary and basil). For a long time, fresh and dried leaves of clary sage have been used as flavouring agents in the production of wine, and as a replacement for hops. The flowers of the plant are also used as ingredients in the production of herbal teas, sachets, potpourris, and beverages.


How To Add Dried Clary Sage Leaves To Your Diet

Fresh clary sage leaves have a strong savoury flavour and are best used moderately in dishes. Here are a few ways to spice up your meals with them.

  • Dried Clary sage leaves can be used as a garnish on soups. Just sprinkle moderately into your soup.
  • They can be mixed into a dressing in roast dishes.
  • You can chop fresh clary sage leaves into bits and mix with butter to make sage butter.
  • Chopped leaves can be added to tomato sauce.
  • You can serve them with eggs in an omelette.


How To Add Dried Clary Sage Leaves To Your Diet

Dried clary sage leaves come in different forms; they could be whole or ground. Most cooks prefer to use dried clary sage leaf when cooking. Here are a few ways to spice up your meals with them:

  • Dried clary sage leaves can be used as a rub for meats.
  • They can be used a seasoning for roasted vegetables.
  • They can be mixed with mashed potatoes or squash for a more earthy flavour.

Clary sage leaves can also be used for medicinal purposes. If you can get some leaves, make a tea for digestive problems, headaches, cramps or relaxation. Clary sage herb isn’t harmful to the health, however, people who are suffering from oestrogen-dominant cancers need to avoid it.


Other Uses

The clary sage plant is also popular for its oil; the clary sage essential oil which is extracted from both the leaves and buds of the plant. This oil has a pleasant fragrance and can either be used as a skin balm or sniffed as part of an aromatherapy treatment.














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Clary Sage

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