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All parts of the evening primrose are harvest cut and dried, this includes the roots, leaves, blossoms, flower buds and seeds.The herb can be use to make medicine to treat various illness also can be use to make Primrose oil and tincture.

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What is Evening Primrose?

Evening primrose (Oenothera biennis) is a plant native to the North America’s and Canada. This  is a plant with an annual cycle that flowers through the beginning of spring until the ending of summer. In the winter months it has a Visible base with with leaves growing flat on the surface; towards spring it starts to produce a stem that will establish long and broad green leaves.

The plants also blooms beautiful yellow flowers than open up swiftly in the evening hours until noon on the following day and is a host to insects like bees and the primrose moth.

How to use Evening Primrose?

The evening primrose overtime’s started losing it recognition among items of ancient medicine and started to be more of a garden plant. It was however widely used as a food source by early indigenous Americans who consumed the roots, stem and also the leaves. The roots are said to be consumed in its raw form or can be cooked similarly to potatoes while the leaves and stems are said to be great for use in raw salads or even if fried.

Health Benefits of Evening Primrose

In the early days the Evening primrose plant was used as a medical supplement by the Native American Tribes writhing their settlements. The plant leaves were normally boiled and used as a tea to promote weight loss and help to get gain energy.

The Roots and stem had a use on the external surfaces of the body to help with stuff such as boils on the skin, these roots also aided in improving strength and this was achieved by chewing them and rubbing onto the Muscles.

In modern medicine the Seeds of the plant were found to contain a substance referred to as GLA(Gama-linolenic Acid), this substance is believed to be a safe treatment for eczema and Breast pain.


Evening Primrose Herb

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