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This Jamaican nut commonly call Bissy but is known all over as Cola Nut is a must have in just about every Jamaican Home, the nut is use in general to make tea however from my childhood day I have always known the nut to be use as a cure for food poisoning, making it a must have in your home as well.


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What is Jamaican Bizzy?

 Jamaican bizzy(same as bissy), otherwise known as Cola/kola nut or bizzy nut, is the seed pod that grows on the relatively small kola nut tree. The lowland forest tree can only thrive in hot humid climate such as is this case, on the island of Jamaica. The Jamaican bizzy is highly heralded on the island for its believed medicinal properties. The nut contains a small percentage of caffeine among other chemicals such as starch, glucose, sucrose and bromine. The bizzy tree has origins on the African continent and many of its uses in Jamaica were adopted from West African cultures.

How to use Jamaican Bizzy?

  The benefits of Jamaican bizzy are generally harvested by using the nut to make a Jamaican style Bizzy tea. The nut is washed then grated and allowed to boil in a clean container for a few minutes. The tea is then sweetened using honey or sugar; there are some, mainly the young, who even enjoy their bizzy with sweetened condensed milk. A popular recipe for bizzy by , ‘ole time’ Jamaican people is to mix the grated bizzy with grated ginger and add them to a container of white rum as a cure for upset stomach. The cola nut is also chewed by some and it is believed that by chewing the nut it may improve vitality.


Health Benefits of Jamaican Bizzy

The Jamaican bizzy tea is used to remedy a number of ailments to the body. Bizzy is popularly used on the island as a way to combat belly aches, colic, nausea, vomiting, indigestion and upset stomach. It is also said in Jamaican culture that chewing bizzy is a cure for alcohol poisoning. Bizzy is also used to “calm the nerves” and reduce fatigue and hunger as the caffeine present serves as an anti-depressant and stimulant to the body. The bizzy nut is also used to reduce menstrual cramps and remedy illnesses such as jaundice, gout, diabetes and rheumatism. Although there is no thorough scientific research to support all these claims, Jamaican bush doctors will swear by the healing powers and health benefits of the Jamaican bizzy.


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Bissy (Cola Nut)

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