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Four Man Strength – Four Vine Wiss
The Jamaican Four vine wiss is used with other barks and root to make a tonic.
The Tonic is a vitalizer to boost libido and increase Sex drive.

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The “Four Man Strength” roots from Jamaica are part of a traditional tonic used for various purposes, including enhancing sexual performance and overall vitality. This root is commonly known in Jamaica as the “bedroom bully” or “womb turner” and is often taken as an aphrodisiac. It is usually combined with other herbs and consumed in a tonic or tea form.

The preparation of this tonic involves boiling various roots, barks, and herbs. The mixture is simmered on low heat for about 45 minutes to an hour, then allowed to cool and soak for 12-24 hours to extract the nutrients effectively. Once strained, the tonic is stored in the refrigerator and typically consumed in small daily doses.

Jamaican root tonics like this are deeply embedded in the island’s culture and are believed to cure a wide range of ailments beyond just enhancing sexual energy. They’re made from a concoction of native plants, each contributing various health benefits.

Four Man Strength

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