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Plants are fragrant due to their essential oils, which vary between species but may include estragole, carvacrol, linalool, or limonene. The leaves of certain species, such as L. graveolens, can be used as a culinary herb similar to oregano.


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Lippia Alba is a widely used herb that is primarily grown for ornamental purposes. It is such a popular option for ornamental use because of the pleasant odor that it gives off and the stunning flowers that lend a beautiful complement to culinary dishes. In addition to the decorative qualities of Lippia Alba, this herb is also used for seasoning and taste enhancement. This amazing herb is used worldwide, but is particularly known for its prominence in Mexican dishes. Aside from dining, Lippia Alba is also used as a medicinal herb that provides the benefits of an antidepressant. With a diverse and unique set of attributes, Lippia is one of the most heavily-used herbs on the planet.




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