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Dill-annethum graveolens

Dill is a short perennial or an annual plant in the celery family. It is probably the only species that belongs to the genus Anethum. It thrives well in warm hot summers with plenty of sunshine. Dill is commonly grown in Eurasia due to its importance on culinary arts and medicine. It grows to a height of between 40 – 60 cm and its stems are slender and hollow. Its leaves are alternate, finely divided soft and delicate. The flowers are white to yellow about 2-9 cm in diameter. Its seeds 4-mm long and 1mm thick.

  1. Promotes Digestion

Dill is widely used in culinary application since it is an appetizer. The essential oils available in it help in stimulation of secretion of bile and other digestive juices that speed up the process of digestion. The essential oils also play an important role in gastrointestinal motility. They help in stimulating peristalsis thereby encouraging bowel movements preventing constipation.

  1. Prevents Insomnia

There are several causes of insomnia and a lot of people across the globe suffer from this. If looking for a natural remedy to get a good sleep, then the dill would offer you some good help. Its essential oils are sedative and hypnotic helping achieve sleep. The flavonoids and vitamin B complex in these essential oils stimulate the enzymes that help in sleep.

  1. Maintains health of the bones

Osteoporosis is a health problem affecting millions of people every year. If looking for a natural remedy to help in preventing osteoporosis the dill would offer you just that. The dill has high contents of calcium which is an important mineral in maintaining bone density and health.

  1. Boosts immunity

With a good immunity, you are rarely attacked buy diseases and everyone desires this. Dill has long been used in preventing several microbial infections. It helps in strengthening the white blood cells and other immunity cells which then help in prevention of infections

  1. Stimulates menstruation

Menstruation is purely controlled by hormones and there are instances when the normal cycles are altered either by disease or several other variables. The flavonoids present in the dill essential oils are emmenargogic and they act by stimulating the secretion of hormones that maintain popper menstrual cycles.

  1. Helps in treatment of diarrhea

Diarrhea is commonly caused by indigestion and infections. Dill helps in the treatment of diarrhea by two major mechanisms. It enhances digestion and improves the gastric content motility preventing indigestion. The monoterpenes and flavonoids in dill are germicidal and bactericidal helping thereby killing the microorganisms that cause diarrhea.

  1. Helps in the management of diabetes

For several years, dill has been used in management of sugar levels in diabetes. It helps in this by preventing the fluctuations of the insulin levels that plays an important role in regulation of sugar in the body.

How to use Dill

Dill can be used in several ways. Its fresh leaves are used in food as an additive. Its seeds and leaves can be dried and used to make the dill tea.





Dill - Organic

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