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The trumpet tree leaf is use for the treatment of bronchitis, hypertension, Obesity, bacterial infection, Respiratory disorders and diabetes.
The leaves is also used to Management of liver conditions, Anti-inflammatory activity, Management of cardiac conditions and hypertension, Kidney conditions, Treatment of diabetes mellitus, Treatment of asthma and cold flu and the Management of Parkinson’s diseases.

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Trumpet tree (Cecropia peltata)


The trumpet tree is a fast growing plant from the genus Cecropia and it is listed as one of the most invasive plants in the world. It mostly grows to a height 15 meters but with good climates that favor its growth it can attain a height of up to 25 meters. Just like other members of the Cecropia family the trumpet tree is a dioecious plant with separate male and female plants. It is commonly found in in Southern Mexico, Central America, Trinidad, Tobago and Jamaica.

Medicinal uses

  1. Management of Parkinson’s diseases

Parkinson’s is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system common in old age. The major symptoms of Parkinson’s disease result from the death of dopamine-generating cells in the brain.  The trumpet tea leaf has good therapeutic effects on Parkinson’s disease helping in relieving its symptoms. Besides this it is also important in a variety of other disorders affecting the central nervous system

  1. Treatment of asthma and cold flu.

If you are suffering from frequent colds, asthma and flu, then you have all the reasons to be a friend to the trumpet tree. The tea from its leaves helps in the treatment of flu and improves breathing to those with asthma. It helps in relieving the symptoms of the respiratory system diseases by clearing the mucous that cause congestion and difficult breathing in the respiratory tract.

  1. Treatment of diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is currently a public health problem that is affecting millions of people across the globe. It has serious effects on life if treatment is not offered promptly. The trumpet tree however helps in the management of diabetes helping in the prevention of its complications.

  1. Kidney conditions

The kidney is one of the most important organs in the body the helps in excretion. Among some of the benefits of taking the trumpet tea leaves is protection and treatment of a number of kidney conditions.

  1. Management of cardiac conditions and hypertension

The barks and the leaves of the trumpet tree are vasodilators which make it active against hypertension. They also have diuretic effects which is required in the management of congestive cardiac disease and hypertension. Globally, there are a lot of people suffering from hypertension and if looking for natural remedies then the trumpet tree would offer you an ultimate solution.

  1. Anti-inflammatory activity

Inflammation is a chemical process to any injuries to the bodies’ tissues that results in pain. The tea from the trumpet leaves however have an anti inflammatory activity that would help in reducing inflammation and pain. Its sap can be used to treat fresh cuts and wounds to help in reducing pain and protecting the wounds from bacterial infection.

  1. Management of liver conditions

The liver helps in a lot of metabolic process in the body and sometimes it can be affected by a number of diseases. The trumpet tree leaves helps in the management of several liver conditions. Its tea is also active against tumors.


The leaves of the tree are dried and sold in it’s organic stages.


NOTE: We highly recommend that before using any herbal medications you should consult your health care provider or medical doctor for professional advice.

Disclaimer: All herbs and spices listed on http://islandherbsandspices.com/ or sold for medical and household use only, again we advice that before using any HERBS for medical purposes, please consult your physician.

Trumpet Tree – Leaves

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