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Casia Alata – King of the Forest


Crush Pimento Leaves


Dried Cinnamon Leaves and stick, Health Benefits of Cinnamon


Dried Jack In The Bush (Chromolaena odorata)


Dried Jamaican Red Sorrel (Organic Hibiscus sabdariffa) Roselle, Hibiscus flower


Fever grass/Lemon Grass


Hyptis Pectinata – Woman Piaba


Jamaican Chaney Root and Sarsaparilla – Powder Roots


Jamaican Dandelion Plant (Cassia Occidentalis) Powdered Roots


Jamaican Ginger


Madam Fate – Hippobroma Longiflora


Mango Leaves, Health Benefits of Mango Leaves


Mary Goules – Wedelia Trilobata


Nettle Organic Herb (Urtica Dioica)


Papaya Leaf Powder


Periwinkle Herb (Vinca minor) Organic Dried

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