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Casia Alata – King of the Forest


Crush Pimento Leaves


Dried Cinnamon Leaves and stick, Health Benefits of Cinnamon


Dried Jack In The Bush (Chromolaena odorata) – Powder


Dried Jamaican Red Sorrel (Organic Hibiscus sabdariffa) Roselle, Hibiscus flower


Fever grass/Lemon Grass


Hyptis Pectinata – Woman Piaba


Jamaican Chaney Root and Sarsaparilla – Powder Roots


Jamaican Dandelion Plant (Cassia Occidentalis) Powdered Roots /Leaves


Jamaican Ginger


Laportea Canadensis Wood Nettle


Madam Fate – Hippobroma Longiflora


Mango Leaves, Health Benefits of Mango Leaves


Mary Goules – Wedelia Trilobata


Papaya Leaf Powder


Periwinkle Herb (Vinca minor) Organic Dried

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