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Dried hibiscus flowers, known as sorrel in Jamaica Mix with Ginger and served with Rum and ice for a refreshing drink, originality the sorrel was a Christmas only plant however I notice this Jamaican hibiscus flowers has now become available in the market all year round, making it possible to dried and sell this product just about any time of the year.

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What is Jamaican Sorrel?

 Sorrel is the Jamaican name for the plant known in other areas of the world as Roselle, Bissap, karkadeh or more formally, Hibiscus Sabdariffa. The sorrel plant, which was introduced to the island during the eighteenth century, is identified by the deep red petals that surround the young, small fruit that the plant produces.The Jamaican sorrel contains a host of substances that are beneficial to developing and maintain a healthy body. Some of the substances that are present in sorrel include antioxidants, vitamin C, niacin and a group of compounds known as flavonoids. It is the presence of these flavonoids that are responsible for the red colour of the petals.

How to use Jamaican sorrel?

Sorrel is used in a host of different ways here in Jamaica but it is most popular for its use as the main ingredient for the Jamaican sorrel drink, which is widely popular during the festive season.

How to prepare your sorrel Drink

Boil 6 quart water, turn fire off add sorrel and cover and let simmer overnight or for about three hours, strain and sweeten with sugar, ginger juice, (grater and squeeze the juice from the ginger) add desired amount of Jamaican white rum and Brandy to taste. Served Cold or add ice cube.

Note: In Jamaica the sorrel is used in its original format however for shipping we will dry the sorrel and ship, the sorrel  can be use in the same manner, dried, as you would use it in its original format.

Health Benefits of dried Jamaican sorrel

             Dried Jamaican sorrel has a number of health benefits due to the presence of a number of minerals within the petals.Many Jamaican’s believe strongly that that drinking sorrel can help to reduce cholesterol levels and the risk of heart diseases. There are also scientific studies, from institutions such as the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) and the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), which support these beliefs in the health benefits of sorrel.Jamaican sorrel also used to help boost weight loss, lower blood pressure and is also used as a natural blood thinner.Consuming sorrel on a regular basis will also help to detoxify the body and the presence of both vitamin C and antioxidants both help to improve the body’s overall health.



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Dried Sorrel

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