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This listing includes three packs of Bissy teas, with each pack containing 24 individual tea packets for your enjoyment.


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Bissy, commonly known in Jamaica as the Cola nut, holds a revered spot in traditional Jamaican medicine. This nut, from the Cola acuminate tree, is not only a cultural staple but also a potent natural remedy believed to have detoxifying properties. Historically, Jamaicans have utilized Bissy as a crucial detox agent, especially valued for its ability to flush toxins and poisons from the body.

Medicinally, Bissy is celebrated for its high caffeine content, which stimulates the central nervous system, providing a burst of energy and increasing alertness. This makes it particularly useful in treating symptoms of fatigue. The nut is also rich in theobromine, an alkaloid similar to caffeine, known for its diuretic and heart stimulant properties.

To harness its benefits, the nut is often dried and ground into a fine powder. This powder can then be brewed into a tea. Simply steeping one teaspoon of Bissy powder in boiling water for about 10 minutes creates a potent detoxifying drink. Many in Jamaica drink this tea regularly to promote general health and well-being, firmly believing in its ability to cleanse the body and ward off illnesses.