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Shama Macka – Sensitiva (Mimosa Pudica)

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The Shama Maca is a perennial creeping herbaceous plant that is currently gaining popularity among quite a number of people all across the planet as a medicinal herb. The leaves of the Mimosa Pudica droop and fold inwards when they sense physical interference as a means of their defense. They open again a few minutes later. The herb which is of the Fabaceae family is a species that is native to Central and South America. However, it is currently spread in other tropical regions as well. It particularly thrives in shady areas that are not disturbed such as under huge trees.

As a medicinal herb, the Shama Macka has got a pretty large number of uses. How to use it basically depends on what disease it is intended for. One of the parts of the Mimosa Pudica that is used for medicinal purposes is the roots. To use it, you will need to dig them up and clean them. They can then be crushed and boiled with water or together with other herbs that it is not likely to react negatively. It is however often more recommendable to take herbs without mixing them with others as there are chances that they may react with each other and in turn weaken their strength or even have some negative impacts on the user.

The leaves of the Shama Macka have also got their own medicinal uses. There are certain users that chew on the leaves to remedy a number of illnesses. There are also those who do not like to chew on it. For such individuals, a decoction can be made out of the leaves by boiling them down. In order to remedy diarrhea with the Mimosa Pudica, one is required to boil about a cup of freshly chopped leaves in two glasses water for a period of approximately ten minutes. You should then a cup three times daily, especially after stooling.

For mumps, use an ice pack on the glands for about thirty minutes and then apply the crushed leaves onto it. Keep the herb bandaged onto the glands for approximately thirty minutes about three times daily. The flower heads of the plant are also used for medicinal purposes.

The Shama Macks has got quite a lot of health benefits. For starters, the herb is an amazing remedy for dysentery. It is also good for treating respiratory ailments such as asthma. Mimosa Pudica can also be used as an effective treatment for vagina ailments, biliousness as well as jaundice. For individuals who are suffering indigestion bouts, the mimosa pudica can be a pretty effective solution. Piles and bile are some other illnesses that you can get rid of by using this incredible herb.

Besides asthma, some of the other respiratory diseases that can be healed through the use of the Mimosa Pudica are coughs, flu and colds. It also helps in the treatment of mumps and can be pretty effective in controlling diarrhea. There are several other medical benefits of the Shama Macla with some yet to be discovered.


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Shama Macka (Mimosa Pudica)

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