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Gomphrena globose is a tropical annual plant commonly found in central America, brazil, panama and Guatemala. It is a relatively small plant that grows to a height of one to two feet and it is highly drought resistant.  It has stiff erect branches that harbour opposite leaves. Its leaves are long and slender and at the young stages of this plants development, the leaves are white. From summer through frost the globe amaranth produces clover like brightly coloured flowers on its upright spikes. These plant is common to a lot of people across the globe and this is attributed to its medicinal uses.

Medicinal uses of the globe amaranth

  1. A good source of vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential components of a good health. They help in help in boosting the immunity and protecting us from diseases.  A lot of minerals are also essential in our normal physiology and homeostasis. Amaranth is rich in vitamin A which promotes good vision, folate which helps in production and maintenance of new cells and riboflavin which helps in normal cell growth. The pink flowers of this plant also contain calcium that strengthens bones, potassium, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese.

  1. Blood pressure balance

Hypertension is currently a public health problem affecting a lot of people internationally. If untreated it complicates to heart failure which could be fatal in the long run. High levels of cholesterol in blood is associated with hypertension. To protect yourself from hypertension, it is important to regulate the blood cholesterol levels. The oils in amaranth flower have demonstrated a good activity in the management and prevention of hypertension. Regular consumption of amaranth lowers the blood cholesterol levels that would predispose you to hypertension.

  1. Cancer treatment

Cancers are life-threatening conditions and its prevalence is currently increasing. Most cancers are incurable at advanced stages but with good treatment the quality of life can be improved. The amaranth is very important in cancer treatment. This is attributed to the soluble fibre and amino acids like lysine that has shown a great potential in cancer treatment. Besides just the treatment, regular consumption of the globe amaranth offers some protection against certain cancers.

  1. Anti-bacterial activity

The globe amaranth has a good activity against a number of bacteria that commonly cause bacterial infections in human. The methanol extracts from this plant is bactericidal to bacteria including staph aureus, Salmonella typhus, Escherichia coli and bacillus cereus. This makes it an important medicine in the treatment of wounds, abscess and urinary tract infections among others. It would also offer prophylaxis against these infections.

  1. Diabetes

Diabetes is a medical condition that develops as a result of constantly high levels of sugar in the blood. The hallmark in its treatment is regulating the blood sugar to the optimum level. The infusion of the globe amaranth tea helps in the reduction of blood sugar levels within the normal range making the management of diabetes easy.  It also promotes the entry of glucose in to the cells for metabolism.

Globe Amaranth

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