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The Jamaica Black mint is very strong and very minty in flavor, the mint makes a delicious cup of tea, just a small amount of the dried mint is steam for a minute or two with boiling water, sugar is added for taste..


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What is Jamaican Black Mint?

Jamaican black mint is a variant of the mint tree that grows on the island. Similarly to the Jamaican peppermint, Jamaican black mint is a variant of the spearmint and watermint. The two can be distinguished by simply looking at the leaves of the plant; the leaves and stems of the black mint are dark blue or purplish while the colour of the leaves and stems of the peppermint are green. The black mint is able to grow anywhere on the island due to Jamaica’s tropical climate. The seeds of the plant can be planted in relatively shallow side and the black mint plant will still grow into a mature shrub providing valuable mint leaves. Rub the leaves of the Jamaican black mint to get a whiff of the plants aroma.

How to use Jamaican black mint?

Jamaican black mint is used to make a ‘bush tea’. The tea is made by picking a sufficient amount of the blank mint leaf and washing them thoroughly. Allow the mint to soak in a cup of hot water for a couple minutes then sweeten with honey or sugar. The pleasant aroma of the leaves also allows for use and air refreshers and even a cover for smelly feat. The leaves are crushed by some locals and used to mask the foul scent inside shoes and they are also used on the skin to combat a host of skin problems.

Health Benefits of Jamaican Black Mint

Jamaican black mint tea is useful in the treatment of a host of illnesses and discomforts. Black mint tea is used in Jamaica to sooth the nerves and ease nausea. Some persons also use the bush tea to treat upset stomachs, indigestion, coughs and motion sickness. The mint is also believed to help promote digestion and is also believed to be useful for persons wishing to lose some extra pounds. There is also scientific research that supports the belief that the mint is useful in the fight against cancer. The black mint has shown to be able to retard the growth of certain cancer cells.


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