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Dandelion (Cassia Occidentailis), the plant is used in Jamaica for medicinal purposes for generation for the treatment of diuretic (remove excess water from your body).

In Jamaica, the plant is mainly used for colds; it is also use to treat back pain, kidney and bladder problems, as a liver tonic and for shortness of breath. The leaves are used to treat eczema and other skin disorders and also to treat ringworm, some other use for the Jamaican Dandelion (Cassia Occidentailis) is to treat Diuretic, hemorrhoids, gout, laxative, rheumatism, diabetes, rheumatism.

How to use the Jamaican Dandelion (Cassia Occidentailis)

The leaves and root of Dandelion (Cassia Occidentailis) is boil and drink as a tea.

The Jamaican Dandelion Scientific Name: (Cassia occidentalis – Caesalpiniaceae) Other Names use for this Jamaican herb: Wild Coffee, Fedogoso, Piss-a-bed, Negro Coffee, Café Batard, Herbe Puante and Kasundi

Parts of the herb Dandelion (Cassia Occidentailis), that can be used are the Leaves, Root and the Seeds.

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Plant Chemicals Plant Chemicals in dandelion include: anthraquinones, achrosine, cassiolin, chrysobarin, sitosterols, quercitin, chrysophanic, linoleic and oleic acids, essential oils, kaemferol, tannins, emodin and xanthorin.

Caution! There have been reports of toxicity in the seeds, it is therefore advisable to use the leaves and roots which are effective and have no toxicity and avoid use during pregnancy.



some information on this page was taken from: http://www.jaherbs.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=60:dandelion-cassia-occidentalis-caesalpiniaceae&catid=25:the-herbs&Itemid=55


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Dandelion Plant Seeds

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