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What is Jamaican Jerk Seasoning?

Jamaican Jerk Seasoning is a combination of herbs and spices that is used primarily in the preparation of Jamaican-style jerk meat and grilled fish. There are also variations of the popular seasoning that can also be applied to shrimp, shellfish, sausage, beef and even vegetarian tofu. The ingredients that compriseJamaican jerk seasoning may vary but its core ingredients are Jamaican Pimento, also known as Allspice, and Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper. Other popular ingredients to the jerk seasoning include thyme, garlic onions, scallion and garlic.

How to use Jamaican Jerk Seasoning?

There are many varying recipes that involve the use of Jamaican jerk seasoning. In Jamaica, the most popular way to use the jerk seasoning is to rub and massage the seasoning into the meat or fish. Allow the seasoning to marinate overnight then slow cook the meat or fish on a coal barbeque for that rich smoky taste. Conversely, you can also slow cook the meat or fish in an oven for personal preference.

Health Benefits of Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

Although Jamaican Jerk Seasoning is widely known as a spice to make your jerk items tastes better, little consideration is paid to the health benefits that can be gained from it. One only has to take a look at the ingredients that go into making the seasoning to realize that it could be beneficial to one’s health. Jamaican Jerk Seasoning is loaded with potent herbs used in traditional forms of medicine such as garlic, cinnamon, Jamaican pimento, scallion and thyme, pepper elder and Scotch bonnet pepper. The health benefits for these herbs are well documented and the benefits will be passed on through the jerk seasoning.

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