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Logwood Bark (Heamatoxylum Campechianum)

Heamatoxylum Campechianum commonly known as the Logwood is a flowering plant from the legume family. It is native to southern Mexico and Central America. It grows to height of between 20 to 40 feet with numerous crooked branches. Its leaves are alternate with three to four pairs of sessile pinnae. In the 17th century, the Logwood was of a great economic importance. This is because it was cut and exported to Europe where it was used in dying fabrics. Besides this the logwood has a lot of numerous health benefits.

  1. Diarrhea, dysentery and dyspepsia

Diarrheal diseases are common affecting majorly children and millions of lives are lost every year as a result of complications from diarrhea. There are several causes and organisms that are implicated in diarrhea. If looking for a natural remedy for diarrhea then the logwood bark would offer you an ultimate solutions. The decoctions from this tree’s bark is rich in tannins that help in reliving diarrhea.

  1. Treatment of intestinal parasites

Besides being an outstanding remedy to diarrhea, the logwood decoction also helps in treatment of intestinal parasites. This plant has an outstanding activity against a lot of parasites that live in the intestines.

  1. Relives airway congestion

Few frequently suffer from flus and cold and there is no doubt that everyone is never comfortable with the nasal congestion that follows these infections. If you are passionate about herbal medicine, then then an infusion from the flowers of the logwood would be an ultimate solution to help you in th treatment of airway diseases and congestion.

  1. For amenorrhea and puerperium

The decoctions from the bark of the logwood has been successfully used in China to correct amenorrhea. It also helps in quick healing and recovery after childbirth. If having irregular cycles or spells of amenorrhea the logwood would be an outstanding natural remedy.

  1. Anemia

Anemia is a situation in which there is a reduction in the hemoglobin levels in the body. There are several causes of anemia and if left untreated it could have dire consequences on life. There are several ways of boosting the hb levels and the logwood offers an outstanding natural solution. The hematoxylin found in this plant also helps in preventing hemorrhage that would lead to anemia in cases of cuts and deep injuries. It has astringent properties that helps in preventing excessive loss of blood.


  1. Decoction

To make a decoction from the barks of the logwood, cut the barks in to pieces, wash them. Deep them in boiling water and let the solution boil for around 15 to 20 minutes. Afterwards cool the decoction, sieve and drink 2 to 3 times a day for diarrhea, amenorrhea and several other conditions.

  1. Tea

Add 2 to 3 spoons of dried leaves of the logwood in boiling water, stir the mixture and let it infuse for up to ten minutes. Take the tea twice or three time daily for respiratory tract problems.


NOTE: We highly recommend that before using any herbal medications you should consult your health care provider or medical doctor for professional advice.

Disclaimer: All herbs and spices listed on or sold for medical and household use only, again we advice that before using any HERBS for medical purposes, please consult your physician.



Logwood Bark

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