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Research indicates that mango leaves are effective in the control and even reverse of diabetes.

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Health Benefits of Mango Leaves

Belonging to the genus Mangifera, the mango is a South Asia native plant that has been distributed across the globe and is currently among the most cultivated fruits especially in the tropics. It is considered the king of fruits and is very popular not only due to its delicious fruits but also due to its leaves that provide an incredible shade. Over the past few years, the popularity of mangoes has grown considerably due to the health benefits of its leaves. Its leaves are shiny, are somewhat fleshy and have got a sharp pointed tip. Studies that have been conducted in the mango leaves have proven that there is just a whole lot of amazing health benefits harbored in them.

How to use Mango Leaf

There are various ways of using the mango leaf, which are all pretty simple and straightforward. One method is by preparing mango leaf tea. All you need to do is dry the leaves and boil them in water. Another popular way of using mango leaves is by drying it, burning them and applying the residual ash to relieve toothache. If you find drying the leaves tedious, you need not worry as there are a number of stores that sell them.

Research indicates that mango leaves are effective in the control and even reverse of diabetes. For this, there are basically two ways of using them. One way is by drying them in the shade and grinding them after they are properly dry. The diabetes patient can then take about a teaspoon of the ground leaves daily. Another way is to soak fresh leaves in water and leave them overnight. You then strain the resulting syrup and drink it. The leaf will help in maintaining healthy insulin levels in the body and also in alleviating hyperglycemia.

Another common health benefit of using mango leaves is that they help in remedying vascular diseases. The leaves are rich in tannins known as anthocyanins. They are therefore effective in the treatment of diabetic rhinopathy and various other vascular apathies.

Mango leaves contain compounds that exhibit calming effects on the nerves. This property gives them the ability to bring down not only blood pressure but also anxiety and restlessness. For patients suffering from varicose veins, it is noteworthy that mango leaves are a great way of remedying the condition. All one has to do is take brewed mango tea. The leaves generally work by boosting the strength of the delicate blood vessels which are prone to being affected by the condition.

The leaves also have a number of benefits to the respiratory tract. By burning the leaves and inhaling the smoke, you will surely experience a relief from sore throat as well as hiccups. Aside from inhaling the smoke, one can also gargle mango tea.

The ashes of mango leaf are used to accelerate the healing of skin in case one suffers burns. The leaves are burnt and the ashes smeared onto the affected area. The ash can also be applied to the teeth to help in relieving gum problems.


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Mango Leaves

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