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Original Noni Juice –  4 32oz Glass Bottles

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What is Noni?

Noni is a relatively small tree of the Rubiaceae family which is scientifically known as Morinda Citrifolia. The plant is native to Southeast Asia, Australia, India and the Pacific Islands but it is unclear when exactly it was brought to Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region. Today, the noni plant’s fruit, leaves, flowers, bark, root and stem are used throughout the island as treatment for a wide array of ailments. Known in Jamaica also as Dubby Soursop, the noni tree can grow up to around 9 m in height and have deeply veined, large, dark green, shiny leaves. The plant also features flowers that tend to be whitish and bears a greenish, whitish fruit that resembles a small breadfruit.

How to use Noni?

One of the beauties of this plant is that the entire plant is used in traditional forms of medicine. The plant’s leaves have long been used to treat wounds, headaches and bring relief from joint pains asthey can be heated or crushed and used on the affected areas. The bark and root of the noni plant have also long been used in Jamaica as ingredients in the making of root tonics. Herbal tea can also be made using the noni plant and it is used to bring relief from a number of ailments along with the lowering of high blood pressure. The juice from the noni fruit is also widely used on the island. It is believed to be very potent and when consumed frequently, it can cure illnesses and greatly improve overall body health.

Health Benefits of Noni

The perceived health benefits that are said to be gained from Noni are far reaching. The juice from the fruit is used to treat anything from the discomfort associated with menstruation all the way to even cancer. Noni is also beneficial in stimulating the immune system which helps in stagnating tumor growth. Noni has also shown anti-inflammatory properties and is used to treatment and healing in cases of arthritis, heart conditions and circulatory problems. Other uses for noni, in herbal medicine, include that of a laxative, performance enhancer and also as an aid in the removal of gallstones