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Some Health Benefits of Cashew Leaves and Bark include:
Boosting immunity, Antifungal, Antiseptic and Antibacterial Properties, Control of Cancer, Diabetes Control and Prevention and Alleviates Heart Disease.

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Originally from Northeastern Brazil, Cashew is an evergreen tropical tree that bears cashew apple and cashew seed. It typically grows to a height of 14 meters with the exception of dwarf species that only go as high as 6 meters. Cashew are popular not only for the nut that is either used in recipes or consumed on its own but also for the various health and medicinal benefits the leaves and the bark of the plant offers. The barks and leaves of the plant are used in India and several parts of the world to treat or reverse several medical and health conditions.

The leaves of the cashew plant are arranged spirally, have a texture that’s leathery, are elliptic to obovate and have smooth margins. Its trunk is irregularly shaped and covered in dark colored “cracked” bark. Below are some of the popular health benefits of cashew leaves and barks.

Health Benefits of Cashew Leaves and Bark

Alleviates Heart Disease: MUFA – Monounsaturated Fats and PUFA – Polyunsaturated Fats are vital for cardiac health. If the right amounts of these fats are consumed on a regular basis, they help reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood. A reduced amount of blood cholesterol translates to improved heart health. Cashews are a great source of the healthy dietary fats that are ideal for heart health. These fats are particularly ideal for boosting the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamins K, A, D and E. Besides the cardiac benefits of these fats, they also aid in brain development and healthy blood clotting.

Diabetes Control and Prevention: Research shows that cashew bark can be used in either the prevention of or control of diabetes. Consuming water in which the bark has been soaked significantly reduces the blood sugar levels. Extracts from the leaves can also be used for the same purposes. For diabetic patients, cashews are safe for consumption since they are low in sugar content and have no harmful cholesterol.

Control of Cancer: Cashews have been studied to be rich in antioxidants such as cardanols, anacardic acids, as well as cardols. These substances make them ideal for treatment of tumors and cancers. They also contain Proanthocyanidins which, have been observed to prevent the growth of cancer cells. Possessing high copper content, cashews are efficient for reducing the risk of developing colon cancer.

Antifungal, Antiseptic and Antibacterial Properties: Extracts of cashew barks and trees are exceptional antifungal and antiseptic remedies. They also offers strong antibacterial properties that makes them a great natural treatment for various forms of bacteria. The barks and leaves can be used in treating wounds due to their remarkable antiseptic properties.

Boosting immunity:  The bark of cashew is highly rich in antioxidants. These enhance the body’s ability to fight free radicals that may cause harm to various body tissues if uncontrolled. Antioxidants are also important in promoting the body’s self-healing process. Using the bark of the plant therefore enhances immunity significantly.

How to use Cashew Leaves and Bark

One way of using cashew leaves and bark is by soaking in water and directly consuming the water. As an antiseptic, the extract from the bark and leaves are applied directly onto the affected area. The bark and leaves can also be dried and ground and used as spices or used to brew herbal tea.



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Cashew Bark

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