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Dodder is a leafless yellow plant that is classified in the family of the morning glory. It is native to East Asia and grown in some parts of china. What is fascinating about this plant is that it lacks leaves or roots with totally no chlorophyll. It is considered parasitic since it partially depends on other plants to survive. The dodder is a climbing plant and has to grow next to other plants. It uses its suckers in getting nutrients from other plants and support. Besides being this unique, the dodder also has a number of medicinal uses.

  1. Helps with fertility

Quite a number of men and women suffer from fertility issues across the globe. But did you know that with the dodder you can improve on your fertility? This plant contains flavonoids that are analogous to the effects of estrogen in the body.  The flavonoids also have a protective role in the human sperm. Its androgen like action aids in the development of the tentacles and helps in production of the testosterone.

  1. Bone and cartilage development

Dodder seeds are important in bone development and it improves on hyaline cartilage repair. Research shows that it increases the calcium matrix in osteoblasts that helps in improving proliferation and bone density.  This makes it an important natural remedy in the management of arthritis and improvement of the bone density that helps in preventing fractures.

  1. Effects on the liver

The liver is one of the vital organs that helps in a lot of metabolic processes in the body. There are however a number of diseases that may alter its normal functioning.  The decoction from the dodder helps in improving the general health of the liver. It helps in its faster recovery after injury.

  1. Immunity

The dodder seeds improves the weight of the thymus and the spleen, two organs that are essential in protecting the body from infection. It also helps in the proliferation of the spleen lymphocytes.

  1. Blood pressure

Hypertension is currently an international public health problem and a lot of people across the globe suffer from elevated blood pressures. It is majorly a lifestyle disease that commonly affects those with a big BMI. If looking for a natural solution towards keeping an optimum blood pressure, then the polysaccharides from the dodder would be an ultimate solution.

  1. Protective against stroke

Stroke is a condition in which there is poor blood circulation or bleeding in to the brain tissue which leads to the cell death. The commonest predisposing factor to stroke is hypertension. With a good management of the blood pressure the chances of occurrence of stroke is remarkably reduced. The dodder helps in keeping the blood pressure at the optimum levels thereby helping prevent stroke.

  1. Prevention of some types of cancer

The dodder plant has substances that kill some cancer cells. This helps in preventing the chances of occurrence of cancer

  1. Blood Sugar

Research has established that the polysaccharide from dodder reduces the blood glucose levels helping in prevention of diabetes.


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