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This Jamaican Herb act as nervous system and female organs herb, Antidote to bites of some insects, cold remedy the  leaves it is also used to bathe the skin for itch are just rubbed on the skin as you would rub soap on a rag when having a shower.

What is Jamaican Guaco?

Jamaican Guaco is a local variant of the Mikania class of plants. The Mikania is the largest classification of the long-stemmed, woody vines referred to as lianas, with well over 300 species of the vines known to man. Various strains of the Mikania may be found throughout the Caribbean along with South and Central America. The Jamaican Guaco is a thornless vine capable of reaching heights of about 2 meters and spreading across 2.5 meters in width. The Jamaican Guaco roots itself in the soil then grows vertically by using other trees or any other firm object that will support it.
The plant also has broad, green, heart shaped leaves and either white or a very pale yellow colour. The leaves of the Jamaican Guaco bush also have spicy smell when they are crushed while the flowers possess a very distinctive vanilla-flavored smell that become even more pronounced when it rains.

How to use Jamaican Guaco

Jamaican Guaco is used to make a Jamaican-style bush tea that is then used to treat various ailments. The leaves of the herb are boiled for a few minutes, sweetened with honey or with sugar if it is preferred, then sipped to bring relief from the likes of diarrhea. The fresh Guaco leaves may also be applied to areas of the skin in an effort to ease any itch or as a remedy to being bitten by certain insects.The juice from the leaves of the Jamaican Guaco bush may also be squeezed onto the desired area of the skin and used like a therapeutic oil.The sweet aroma and healing properties of the leaves also make Jamaican Guaco a favorite for adding to the water when taking a bath.

Health Benefits of Jamaican Guaco

The bush tea made from Jamaican Guaco is used as a remedy for treating diarrhea as well as to reduce fevers, suppress coughs and also as a natural blood thinner. Jamaican Guaco is also used to cleanse the blood, improve digestion, combat asthma along with promoting a healthier respiratory system. The fresh leaves of the Guaco plant may also be heated and used to kill bacteria, heal wounds, treat rashes, and stave off yeast infections as well as relieving aches and pain along sections of the body. The leaves of the Jamaican Guaco are also used to treat certain venereal diseases by killing the bacteria associated with the infection.




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Guaco Mikania

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