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Lowering Blood Sugar and Control of Diabetes

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What is the Red Water Grass/Zebrina Pendula?

Technically known as the Zebrina pendula, the Red Water Grass is trailing plant native to Mexico. It is popular in Jamaica for its medicinal purposes. Besides Mexico, the plant is also native to Colombia and Central America. Ever since it was revealed that the plant harbors numerous health benefits, it has been naturalized in various parts of the world including Asia, certain parts of Africa, Australia, a number of regions in oceanic islands and South America. The Red Water Grass generally has pretty zebra-patterned leaves.

For a while now, the Red Water Grass has been used by people from various corners of the world for its health benefits. Some of the benefits of Zebrina pendula include:

Health Benefits of Red Water Grass – Zebrina Pendula

Lowering Blood Sugar and Control of Diabetes

One of the proven health benefits of the Red Water Grass is that it helps in reducing the blood sugar levels. Studies have revealed that lately, there has been a considerable rise in the cases of diabetes. The poor lifestyle choices that people make are majorly to blame for these rising numbers. If not controlled properly, the symptoms of the disease can be pretty severe. Some of the common symptoms of diabetes are rapid weight loss, backache, skin disorders and an abnormal desire for water. If in advanced stages, some other symptoms such as diminishing vision kick in.

Red Water Grass has been studied to be pretty effective in controlling the condition. Regular consumption of Red Water Grass tea can help in effectively stepping down the blood sugar levels. This can be particularly very essential in controlling diabetes. If taken regularly, Red Water Grass can actually even reverse diabetes.

Treatment for Diabetes Ulcers

Another popular use of Red Water Grass is in the treatment of diabetes related ulcers or sores. Over long periods of time, diabetes is known to result in sores or ulcers. Some of these ulcers are severe to an extent that they may actually be life threatening. Red Water Grass can be used to remedy these sores and ulcerations. When the appropriate amount of the plant is consumed, it can reduce the symptoms of diabetes ulcers and may even reverse them.

How to Use Red Water Grass – Zebrina pendula

There are a variety of ways of using Red Water Grass, usually depending on what it is being used to remedy. In order to get the best results, one needs to know the condition the plant is being used for and employ the appropriate technique. For diabetes, preparation of Red Water Grass remedy is as follows.

Add a handful of Red Water Grass into four cups of water in a pot. Over high heat, boil the contents of the pot for 20 minutes. Strain the resulting tea off the pot. It is recommendable to take half a cup of the tea in the mornings and evenings but can also be taken when the need arises.

For diabetes sores/ulcers, pluck 24 fresh leaves from the plant and boil over high heat in four cups of water. You should drink a cup of the tea daily until the sores heal.


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Red Water Grass

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