Popularly known as the Breadfruit, the Artocarpus altilis is a flowering tree species that falls under the Jackfruit and mulberry family. It is native to the South Pacific and has over time spread to the rest of Oceania. The tree basically grows up to 82ft above the ground and it has some pretty large and rather thick leaves. The breadfruit is a well-recognized plant that is popular to quite a number of people, probably due to the amazing taste of the fruit. Over the past few years however, the plant is gaining more popularity, and this time, for a very different reason.

It has been studied that the leaves of the breadfruit have got some pretty amazing health benefits. The procedure of preparing the breadfruit leaves to be taken for their medical benefits is somewhat easy and straight forward. It is important to note that for the best results, one should use leaves that are still hanging on the tree. Take about 2 of the leaves and chop them up into fine pieces. You should then proceed to air the chopped leaves in the sun until they are completely dry. The leaves should then be boiled on a stainless steel pot in 2 liters of water until half the water evaporates. It is noteworthy that boiling the leaves in an aluminum pot is not advisable as the two are known to react with each other.

After the water is half the initial amount, add more water to bring it back to two litters and allow to boil for a few more minutes. The resulting tea should be allowed to cool. It is generally red in color and really bitter. To make it a little bit more drinkable, you can consider adding honey into it.

One of the benefits of the breadfruit leaves is that they help in boosting the health of the heart. It achieves this by lowering blood pressure. It is also effective in the healing of a number of cardiovascular illnesses. The tea has also proven to have some anti-inflammatory which is vital both in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. For its cardiovascular benefits, you will need to take one cup of the tea daily.

A cup of the breadfruit leaves’ tea is also essential in lowering cholesterol. This feature makes an important element in promoting better health. A number of kidney diseases can also be controlled through the use of the tea. Due to its anti-inflammatory effect, the Breadfruit leaves have also been studied to have the capacity to prevent cancer or reduce its spreading. It can also treat or prevent inflammation of the liver.

Another medical benefit of the breadfruit tea is on the general health of the skin. Drinking one cup daily helps in minimizing minor skin irritations as well as resolving itching and skin rashes. It is also beneficial to the liver and works effectively in prevention of gout due to its diuretic characteristics which makes it an amazing way of expelling uric acid from the body.

The breadfruit tree has a wide range of uses. The fruit is edible and may be prepared in a number of ways, and the leaves and the sap which runs from the tree can used for various ailments.

Medicinal and other uses:
a.A tea of breadfruit leaves, which contain camphoral, is used to lower blood pressure and treat diabetes.
b.In Jamaica, the sap is applied to contagious skin aliments to prevent their spreading and promote healing.
c.The sap can also be boiled to form a rubbery substance that is used to dress wounds.



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