What Is An Avocado Pear Seed

The avocado fruit needs no glamorous introduction; half a century ago, it probably would, but ever since the 80’s avocado has grown in popularity, both among nutritionists and everyone else. The avocado pear is rich in healthy proteins and essential nutrients. Although people tend to focus more on the fleshy part of the avocado because of its richness in healthy proteins and essential nutrients. Did you know that the seed (the hard orb found within the soft buttery fleshy part of the avocado plant) is also highly beneficial?

Medicinal Benefits Of Avocado Pear Seed

The seed of the avocado plant contains a whole lot of bactericidal and fungicidal properties that help boost our immune system and fight diseases. The avocado seed is also rich in saponins (great for people trying to lose weight) calcium, magnesium, and vitamin C. For something you throw away without a second thought; it’s high time you started rethinking that decision.

How to use Avocado Pear Seed powder 

There are many ways to use avocado plant seeds. The avocado seed powder is the best option here. Not only does the powder retain all the essential nutrients of the avocado seed, but it’s also easy to process, use, and digest. Here are our top five ways to use the avocado seed powder:

  1. Garnish your food 
  2. Add to your smoothies
  3. Make the most delicious healthy tea 
  4. Add them to your salad
  5. They make the perfect facial scrub and mask