Aloe vera is very strengthening and cleansing to the entire body. Loe Vera is rich in calcium, potassium and vitamin B-12.

Medicinal and other uses:

a.It cleanses the kidneys, bladder and removes all morbid matter from the stomach and intestines.
b.It is a strong laxative that cleans and purifies the intestines, bowels and colon.
c.The dried gel of the aloe vera are mixed with unsweetened natural wine and used as a medicine for diabetes.
d.It clears up red eyes, improves vision and brings out the natural colour or the eyes.
e.It it used for sun burn, skin irritations and insect bites.
f.It removes wrinkles and discolorations from the skin.
g.When mixed with lion juice and applied as a poultice it heals skin, boils ulcers boils and ringworm.
h.Aloe also relieves dandruff, stimulates hair growth, strengths the hair and kills bacteria associated with scalp disease.
i.It heals and soothes burns, plus it prevents blistering and discolouration.


Credit: LMH Dictionary of Jamaican Herbs

L. mike Henry/k.Sean Harris