What is

Just as the name suggests, moringa seeds are acquired from the pods of Moringa Oleifera, commonly known as the drumstick tree. Although it is native to Northern India, Moringa tree has been cultivated across various parts of the world due to its vast health benefits and high nutritional value. The moringa seeds are rather tender while raw and fresh. They however harden and resemble been seeds when that are dried. They have wing-like structures and are greyish-white in color. Due to the high vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, calcium and protein content of the moringa seeds, the seeds offer numerous health benefits which have greatly boosted their popularity among the populations of the world.

Medicinal Uses

Enhancing the Digestive System Health

Moringa seeds have for a long time been used in the enhancement of the health of the digestive system, the high fiber content of the seeds makes them a remarkable remedy for boosting the general health of the gut. By normalizing bowel movements, moringa seeds help in maintaining proper bowel health. The seeds are also used in the prevention of constipation.

Managing and Treatment of Diabetes

Moringa seeds possess antidiabetic properties which makes them useful in the prevention and management of the condition. The seeds are a rich source of zinc which has the ability to efficiently regulate blood sugar levels, a factor that comes in handy in the management and prevention of diabetes. Although not scientifically proven, prolonged use of the moringa seeds can actually help in reversing the condition as well.

Reducing Joint Pain

Moringa seeds can be used as a substitute for calcium to help in relieving joint pains. They are particularly efficient for relieving inflammation and reducing severe bone disorders, arthritis for instance.

Cancer Management

Studies show that moringa seeds accelerate the death count of cancer cells. These anti-carcinogenic effects have contributed to the adoption of the moringa seeds as an effective cancer management remedy. Using the seeds suppress the growth and development of cells, which makes them a viable option for prevention of the disease as well.

Promoting Cardiac Health

Studies prove that the use of moringa can boost cardiac health. They do this by minimizing the levels of oxidized lipids in the body. They also ensure good cardiac health by protecting the tissues of the heart from constructional damages and complications that may arise due to hypertension. Although using the seed does not influence the blood pressure values, they improve the cardiac diastolic functions and minimize the triglyceride levels in the system.

Boosting Brain Health

Moringa is an excellent source of Omega-3, amino acids, Vitamin E and various antioxidants that are critical for optimum performance of the heart.

Other uses include treatment of anemia, enhancing eyesight, boosting immunity and treating insomnia.

How to Use

Moringa seeds can be used dry or raw, depending on how they are available. Dried seeds are ground and used in various ways. One way of utilizing ground moringa seeds is by orally ingesting the powder. It is advisable to take it in little portions and gradually increase. Ground moringa seeds can also be seeped to prepare a decoction that is then taken three or four times a day.