The Plecttanthus amboinicus is a semi succulent perennial plant with a pungent oregano like flavor and odor. It is native to southern and eastern Africa but due to it importance on health and culinary arts, it cultivated in different parts of the globe. It belongs to the family Lamiaceae and it grows to a height of 1m. Its stems are fleshy about 30 to 90 cm thick covered with soft short and erect hairs. Its leaves are about 5-7 cm in length and they are the most sought out part of this plant. Among the health benefits this plant has are

  1. Cures respiratory diseases

Colds, sore throat, congestion, stuffy nose and painful sinuses are common respiratory diseases that the world suffers from every day. A year hardly goes with catching cold twice or three times. With this plant you get an ultimate remedies to these conditions. Chew the fresh leaves of the Indian borage or you can brew a tea to help you with the respiratory conditions. The substances contained in the leaves of the Indian have a powerful expectorant effects that help in clearing the respiratory tract relieving the symptoms of upper respiratory tract diseases.

  1. Skin care

Our skins are a protective organ that is exposed to different stimuli that could be harsh at times and this therefore means that they have to be taken care of adequately.   This makes another important use of the Indian borage. The Indian borage contains a lot of substances that possess anti-inflammatory effects to help in reducing redness, itchiness and pain when the skin is exposed to diseases and injuries.

  1. Cancer prevention

Breast cancer is among the commonest cancers affecting women and recently the Indian borage has come back to news with researches indicating that it is protective against breast cancer. Studies are still in progress but reports have indicated that the antioxidants in this herb including the omega 6 gamma linoleic acids are effective in preventing and slowing the progression of breast cancer. Besides the breast cancer the Indian borage also offers protection against prostatitis, an early indicator of ca prostate.

  1. Reduces stress and anxiety

Although this is not a popular benefit of the Indian borage, some minerals and compounds available in the leaves of this herb has sedative effects which helps in keeping the mind calm and relaxed. The tea form of this herb is very effective in relieving anxiety and chronic stress to instill relaxation, sleep and peace of the mind.

  1. Enhances the kidneys health

The Indian borage has a powerful diuretic effect. This means it helps in detoxifying the body through diuresis. This is important in clearing excess salt, urea, fat and water in the body enhancing the smooth functioning of the kidneys.

  1. Provides vitamin C and A

The high contents of vitamin c in the indian borage makes it an immune boosting herb. The caranoids and vitamin A on the other hand helps in improving vision and reducing macular degeneration.