Wild grown herbs vs organic herbs

Herbs are an important aspect of every natural ecosystem. Unlike other plants, most herbs have savoury and aromatic properties making them popular in culinary arts and health. Due to the raising popularity in their use, there is an increasing demand of high quality and pristine herbs in different parts of the globe. A lot of people have resorted to producing herbs by abiding to certain standards and guidelines. However, there are debates about the quality of naturally occurring herbs without human intervention and those that are produced artificially. Given the different habitats and conditions under which these herbs grow they have a number of differences.


This may be a little difficult to determine unless you are keen to every detail. But there is a great difference in the taste of wild herbs and the organic ones. While many organic fruits and vegetables will not have the uniform look to those you purchase in a supermarket, they will have superior taste. Nothing tastes better than fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the vine tree or plant. But nothing tastes much better than wild plants which are naturally occurring and adjusting to every season as they grow. Wild herbs have an original taste that is not altered in any way. 


An organic garden is free from toxic chemicals, which means that the produce is free from these compounds. This means that you do not have to struggle washing them since the do not have any chemical residue which if not washed off thoroughly will enter your body. On the other hand, Wild growing herbs are usually stronger and more nutrient dense, with higher phytonutrients and anti-oxidants, making them superior in terms of the impacts on your health as compared to organic herbs.

Life force

Just like animals, plants are living things that have a lie force. The life force of organic herbs and wild herbs is another distinguishing feature that brings about their differences. Organic herbs are pampered like little babies. They are grown on ideal soils and watered when the need arises. Natural fertilizers are added to aid in their growth. They are weeded regularly and this means that they do not compete with other plants for nutrients, and treated with organic pesticides. Unlike organic plants which are tended to, and fed by humans, wild grown plants develop characteristics to protect themselves from the competition and harsh climate, which makes them more resilient than the organic ones.


Organic herbs tend to have a better phytotoy as compared to wild grown herbs. Phtotomy is the study of the structures of a plant. Organic grown herbs tend to grow bigger and his is attributed to the fact that they are well taken care of by humans. They are treated when attacked by pesticides, weeded and watered in dry season making their growth seamless. As compared to the wild grown, no one takes care of them and sometimes their growth are interrupted by attack by diseases and pesticides and unfavourable weather.