Key Ingredients: Black Wiss (Also Known as Black Withe, Black Wis)

Overview of Black Wiss
Black Wiss, a resilient woody vine or liana, thrives up to a length of 3-4 meters. Its leaves are smooth, with a serrated and heart-shaped appearance, boasting a vibrant green on top and a greenish white hue beneath. This plant is notable for its grape-like fruit which transitions from green to a mature state, and its capacity to retain significant amounts of water.

Essential Parts Utilized: The Wiss
Crafting Your Tonic: Methodology
To harness the full potential of Black Wiss, it’s traditionally prepared either as a tea or incorporated into a potent blend with other native Jamaican roots and barks. This concoction is celebrated for its ability to bolster strength and vitality.

Recipe for Vitality: A Blend of Island Riches
For those seeking to enhance general health and invigorate their vitality, embark on crafting a tonic that marries equal parts of several powerful ingredients:


Sarsaparilla (Roots)
Puron (Bark)
Black Wiss
Milk Wiss
Blood Wiss
Raw Moon (Bark)
Standing Buddy (Whole Plant)
Woodland Coco (Roots)
All Man Strength (Wiss)
Chew Stick (Wiss)
Strongback (Roots)
Bas Cedar (Bark)
Ironweed (Roots)
Merge these components in a large pot of water, and set it to boil for approximately 2½ hours. It’s crucial not to cover the pot during this process to ensure the essence of each ingredient is perfectly extracted. Once completed, strain the concoction and serve it in a wine glass to be enjoyed each morning and evening. Continue this ritual until you observe a significant improvement in your body strength.

Unveiling the Secret to Enhanced Well-being
In the realm of natural health solutions, the use of traditional herbs and spices holds a special place, especially on islands renowned for their rich biodiversity and ancestral wisdom. Black Wiss, along with its fellow ingredients, embodies this tradition, offering a natural path to rejuvenation and vitality.

By integrating these time-honored practices into your wellness routine, you’re not just nurturing your body with nature’s bounty but also connecting with the rich cultural heritage of island healing practices. Embrace the power of Black Wiss and let this ancient tonic be your gateway to enhanced well-being and strength.

Credit: some information on this page was taken from the book
Common Medicinal Plants of Portland, Jamaica
2nd Edition
Edited by: Summer Austin and Michael B. Thomas in collaboration with Lloyd Harris and Llyod G Henry.
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