Breadfruit Leaf: An Overview

Scientific Classification: Artocarpus altilis (Parkinson) Fosberg

Family: Moraceae

Breadfruit, a majestic tree that soars up to 20 meters in height, is renowned not only for its significant stature but also for the beneficial milky latex it secretes. This tree features large, glossy leaves that are elliptically shaped, often extending up to 60 cm in length, and are characterized by their deeply lobed edges. A unique aspect of the breadfruit tree is its ability to produce unisexual flowers, meaning each tree bears both male and female blossoms, fostering a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Parts of the Plant Utilized: Leaves, Latex

Method of Preparation: Herbal Tea

Harnessing the Healing Powers of Breadfruit Leaf

Breadfruit leaves and latex are treasured for their calming properties, making them integral components of traditional remedies aimed at soothing nerves and alleviating stress. A particularly effective concoction involves a blend of 3 breadfruit leaves, 1 ounce of sarsaparilla roots, ¼ pound of puron bark, ¼ pound of all-man strength (wiss), 3 soursop leaves, and 5 pear leaves. This mixture should be boiled in water for an hour without covering the pot. Consuming a wine glass of this herbal tea three times daily—morning, noon, and night—can significantly reduce symptoms of nervous tension.

For individuals dealing with high blood pressure and irritability, breadfruit Leaf offers a natural solution. Incorporating 1 tablespoon of dried leaf powder into 8-10 ounces of boiling water, or a whole crushed leaf into 16-25 ounces of boiling water, creates a potent drink. Consuming 8-10 ounces of this mixture two to three times a day, with regular blood pressure monitoring every two days, can aid in managing high blood pressure. Repeat the treatment as necessary for continued benefits.

Moreover, breadfruit’s sap serves as a direct remedy for boils. Applying the sap onto the affected area can expedite the healing process, with repeated treatments ensuring complete recovery.

Incorporating breadfruit into your wellness routine not only leverages the plant’s natural healing properties but also connects you to a time-honored tradition of herbal medicine. Whether you’re seeking to calm your nerves, manage blood pressure, or treat skin ailments, breadfruit presents a versatile and effective solution.

Credit: some information on this page was taken from the book
Common Medicinal Plants of Portland, Jamaica
2nd Edition
Edited by: Summer Austin and Michael B. Thomas in collaboration with Lloyd Harris and Llyod G Henry.
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