Why it is Recommendable to use Herbs Dried

For several generations, herbs have been an essential part of human life. While some people use them for their medicinal characteristics, others use them as spices. The debate of which is better between fresh and dried herbs has been around for an equally long period of time with many favoring fresh herbs over dried herbs. Although it may true that the nutrient and chemical composition of fresh herbs is unaltered, there are several instances in which dried herbs have an edge over fresh ones. As a matter of fact, it is currently recommendable to use herbs after they are dried for a number of reasons.

Concentrated Flavor and Value

One of the major reasons dry herbs are highly recommended is for the fact that they are more concentrated as compared to the fresh herbs. The intense concentration makes them much more efficient than the fresh ones. Research into the concentration of herbs show that fresh herbs can be substituted in the ratio of 1:3. A case in point is dried and fresh oregano. Three portions of fresh oregano can be substituted for a single portion of dried oregano for the same flavor and nutritional value. If used as a spice however, you may need to extend the cooking time as they will need time to be rehydrated.


Herbs are dried for various reasons, one of them being as a preservation strategy. One of the challenges most people face with fresh herbs is their perishability. If not properly stored, herbs are bound to spoil and lose their nutritional and medicinal values. It is largely for this that the use of dried herbs is encouraged. When herbs are dried, their medicinal and nutritional value is preserved while its shelf life is highly increased. This makes them a better alternative to fresh herbs.

Ease of use

For quite a number of herbs, the process of preparation is pretty tedious and may need some level of skill to complete successfully. Without the necessary knowledge, you may end up spoiling the herb or preparing one that does not meet the expectations. This is one thing you need not worry about when using dried herbs. This is due to the fact that dried herbs are already prepared and ready to use. All you may need to do is prepare a tea of the herb or add it to your food as a spice while cooking. Dried herbs are therefore easy to use and offer higher chances of achieving the required results.


Herbs too have their defense techniques. There are some plant species that use toxins as a way of protecting themselves from imminent threat. If ingested, these toxins may result in reactions ranging from mild to severe. The toxins are usually highest concentrated in fresh herbs. Using fresh herbs therefore puts you at the risk of ingesting these substances. When exposed to heat however, these toxins deteriorate and lose their toxicity. It is thus safer to use dried herbs to avoid the possibility of getting poisoned.