What is the Damiana

Also known as Turnera Aphrodisiaca or Turnera diffusa, Damiana is a small shrub that was originally used by Latin American natives as a way of eliminating depression and anxiety during ceremonies. The plant that is predominantly spread across Mexico, Latin America and North America has leaves that are green in color while the flowers are small and yellow in color. Besides its health benefits, the plant is also popular for its nice fragrance. Damiana belongs to the family Turneraceae and largely grows on hillsides that are both rocky and dry.

Health Benefits of Damiana

Damiana has numerous health benefits for which it is popular among populations of the world. Some of these benefits include: –

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

For generations, the Damiana herb has been used as an aphrodisiac. Studies show that the plant has the natural ability to boost sexual response in humans. Its capacity to remedy erectile dysfunction is attributed to the fact that it enhances the flow of blood to human sexual organs. The herb was also studied to indirectly boost mood and energy levels that are crucial during copulation. It also reduces exhaustion.

Some studies into the aphrodisiac properties of Damiana have also indicated that it has the ability to boost sperm count in males. In females, the herb boosts the quality of eggs and can be used in the treatment of anorgasmia.

Remedying Female Hormonal Problems

Another health benefit of Damiana is its ability to remedy hormonal issues in females. The herb corrects female hormonal imbalance and can be used to suppress some of the symptoms that come with menopause of menstruation. Due to these properties, the herb is used in averting female anxiety, mood swings, depression and headaches experienced during menstruation. It also exhibits anti-estrogenic and pro-progesterone activities in female users.

Strengthening the Nervous System

Use of Damiana has also been observed to help in strengthening the nervous system. By reducing stress and depression while elevating the general mood and energy levels of an individual, Damiana contributes positively to the health of the nervous system.

Control of Diabetes

For natural control of diabetes, Damiana has proven to be e pretty efficient herb. Research shows that the herb hypoglycemic properties which is important in reducing the blood sugar levels in a user.

Remedying Digestion Problems

There are a number of digestion related issues that the Damiana has been studied to correct. Due to its laxative purposes for instance, the herb is used to treat constipation. There are also various gastrointestinal disorders that Damiana is used to remedy. It exhibits strong antibacterial properties that makes it a viable treatment for various digestive tract related problems.

In a nutshell, the medicinal properties of Damiana are aphrodisiac, laxative, nervine, tonic, diuretic, narcotic, stimulant, antiseptic, antidepressant as well as narcotic.

How to use Damiana

One method of using Damiana is by making a tea of the herb. The tea is prepared by adding a teaspoonful of the herb into a cup of hot water. The mixture should be allowed to cool and taken at the rate of about a cup or two per day. In areas where fresh leaves of the herb are available, chewing them can also work pretty effectively. The tea can also be prepared using fresh leaves.