Herbs and roots used in making the Jamaican Roots Tonic

Jamaican root tonics are an important aspect of the country’s ethno-medical heritage and a lot of people across the entire globe depend on them for a variety of health benefits. These tonics have been in existence for several years due to their numerous health benefits. The tonics are made from deep decoctions of barks, roots, leaves and stems of different plants that are also consumed for vitality

  1. Sarsaprilla

Also known as smilax ornate, the sarsapilla is a trailing vine native to Mexico and Central America. It is a perennial plant with prickly stems and they are climbing plants that can grow to a height of 10 meters. Sarsapilla is very damage tolerant plant and even after they are cut they still grow from their rhizomes easily. This plant is an important component in the Jamaican Roots Tonic due to its benefits on health. An extract from its roots are used in making the Sarsaprilla drink and several other root drinks.

  1. Ra-moon barks

Ra-moon is a small tree native to Jamaica and the Caribbean region. Its increased demand is due to the numerous health benefits associated to it, making it an endangered species. It is however still common in the deep forests of Jamaica. Both its leaves and the barks are used as sexual stimulants believed to help in improving sexual potency and stamina. It is also used to boost the body’s general energy and a perfect solution for fatigue.

  1. Soursop leaves

Soursop is a plant commonly found in South America and it has been used for quite a number of years in beverages, ice creams and other popular sweet foods. Besides its popularity in culinary arts, the soursop also has a lot of health benefits. The flavonoids, saponins, terpenoids, tannins and cardiac glycosides found in the Soursop makes it a powerful antioxidant activity. It also exhibits a strong ant-inflammatory activity.

  1. Breadnut Bark

The chemical composition of breadnut bark makes it a great source of healthy substances. It has high levels of zinc, folic acid and B vitamins that are all important for a person’s health. From aiding digestion to alleviating infections through to boosting cardiac health, Breadnut bark is an important part of Jamaican roots tonic.

  1. Chaney root

The Chaney root is another herb that is used in the Jamaican Roots Tonic. It is found in the deep woodlands of Jamaica. It is used by both children and adults in curing a lot of health conditions. It cleanses the blood, enhances sex drive, neutralizing acids and treating arthritis and rheumatism. It is nowadays cultivated by a lot of Jamaican farmers due to the health benefits it has.

  1. Puron Bark

Technically known as Prunus occidentalis, Puron bark is among the popular herbs used in Jamaican folklore. The herb is believed to remedy several conditions and is commonly used in the treatment of impotence. Besides being an amazing source of energy Puron bark is an efficient blood cleanser used in the preparation of Jamaican Roots Tonic.


  • Three Ounces each Roots (Name Listed below)
  • Two Quart Water


To prepare the tonic, mix all the ingredients and boil in a large water pot. The mixture should boil on low heat for between 45 minutes and one hour. The concoction should then be allowed to cool and soak for 12-24 hours for complete extraction of nutrients. Strain the tonic and store in a refrigerator.

Drink half a cup per day until finish.



Other roots and bark use in making the Jamaican roots Tonic include

All-Man Strength | Black Wiss | Puron Bark | Nerves Wiss |Brial Wiss | Cashew Bark | Ra-Moon Bark

Strongback Root | Breadnut Bark | Milk Wiss | Four Man Strength | Blood Wiss